Tobey Time 10/22/2003

We got to babysit Tobey again. He has grown and learned new skills since we last saw him.
We also belatedly celebrated Carries birthday.
Grammy took some great pictures and came up with the captions!

tobey visit 10/22/2003

u2678 (29k image)
Let’s Play!

u2679 (24k image)
Daddy’s teaching me to clap

u2680 (29k image)
Eating my fish while watching a video about fish

u2684 (30k image)
Grammy Got my Shirt in Paris!

u2686 (28k image)
Like My play Place?

u2689 (22k image)
My Pal

u2691 (20k image)
Like my Hat?

u2693 (18k image)
That tickles Mommy

u2694 (28k image)
Meet the Queen of Gingerbread!

u2695 (17k image)
Hangin with the boys

u2696 (18k image)
These guys are fun!

u2698 (17k image)

u2699 (21k image)
Do you like “it” Daddy?

u2700 (20k image)
It’s Buggin Me!

u2701 (24k image)
Tobey, the Future BB Star

u2702 (20k image)
Beautiful Sister Ashley

Lake Tahoe – Sisters weekend

lake tahoe sisters weekend

c2614 (20k image)
Appetizers in Sacramento

c2621 (20k image)
Breakfast in South Lake Tahoe Dave and JoAnn

c2622 (18k image)
Dave and Alex

c2623 (20k image)
The sisters!

c2624 (37k image)
The view from the back of our rental house in South Lake Tahoe

c2625 (30k image)
Picture of where we stayed

c2626 (21k image)

c2629 (20k image)
On the first full day we drove around the lake and stopped at this state park on the north side.
The views were incredible.

c2630 (33k image)
State park
On the stump

c2632 (29k image)
Muscle Beach?

c2633 (32k image)

c2637 (34k image)
The next series of pictures are at the Ponderosa Ranch where Bonanza was set.

c2638 (25k image)
The sisters at the Ponderosa

c2642 (22k image)
We stopped for a Lakeside appetizer before heading for home.

c2643 (25k image)
The next day we took a lunch cruise on the lake to a nearby bay.
This series of pictures are from the top boat deck. Ken and JoAnn

c2644 (27k image)
Janet Alex and Dave

c2645 (23k image)
A shot of the dock as we pulled away. You can see the back of Hevenly Ski area in the background.

c2646 (17k image)
Janet viewing the lake

c2647 (23k image)
Alex, Dave(hidden) and Janet

c2655 (24k image)
Getting off the boat after a wonderful ride.

c2660 (16k image)
Dave and Ken rode the Heavenly gondola to a viewing area high above the town. This is a veiw looking west.

c2663 (16k image)
The intrepid gondola riders (The sisters and Alex went shopping)

c2669 (15k image)
Arms length self portrait. Out on the town for the last night in Lake Tahoe.

c2672 (26k image)
Saying goodbye to Lake Tahoe on our last day.

c2677 (24k image)
Enjoying the views

c2674 (20k image)
The end of another Sister’s weekend (with the guys)

October 5 Celebrations 2003

On October 5th we had two celebrations.
Rededication of the Marble Community Church and John and Gail’s renewal of vows
with a lot of supportive family members.

c2578 (17k image)
The scalloped potatoes are in the crock pots!

c2579 (22k image)
Dinner pictures the night before the vow renewals.

c2582 (20k image)
Gail’s brother Paul, wife Karin, and mother Laura

c2583 (23k image)
Jessica, Taylor, Tristen, and Allison (hidden)

c2584 (25k image)
Allison and Tristen

c2585 (22k image)
Tim, Debbie, Dave(Gramp) and Eric

c2586 (27k image)
Shirley and Dave

a2587b (17k image)
Mike and Sarah (Gail’s son and his girlfriend)

c2588 (16k image)
Tim and Debbie

c2589 (22k image)
Eric, Meridith, and Deanna

c2591 (43k image)
John with all his grandchildren Meridith, Tristen, Allison, Jessica, and Taylor

c2592 (23k image)
Above with Gail

a2594b (22k image)
Meridith, Ken and Shirley (Gram)

c2596 (18k image)
The start of the dedication ceremony was outside the new fellowship hall

c2597 (18k image)
Singing outside

c2599 (16k image)
Shirley giving a short Church history

c2600 (16k image)
Part of the renewal group

c2602 (16k image)
John and Gail renewal

c2603 (15k image)
The kiss!

c2604 (33k image)
The 3 couples (2 instigators and 1 instagatee)

c2606 (22k image)
Tim and Deb and kids

c2608 (19k image)
Dave and Shirley

c2609 (21k image)
John and Gail and Dave and Shirley