Kelli and Josh Wedding 3/20/2004 – Norfolk NE

Josh and Kelli Wedding 3/20/2004

These first pictures are at the rehearsal the night before the wedding.
q3261 (20k image)

q3262 (20k image)
Getting Gram set for her reading

q3266 (25k image)
Tobey gets to meet Kelli at the rehearsal dinner.

q3269 (20k image)
The Matthews, Thomson, Switzer table

q3272 (13k image)
Dave Funk and his sisters

q3279 (19k image)
Great grandchildren talking with Gramp on wedding morning

q3287 (23k image)
Taylor and Tristen teaching Tobey new tricks

s3291 (16k image)
Amy and Brian ready for the wedding!

q3294 (15k image)
Josh and JoAnn in a pre-wedding picture

q3296 (19k image)
Lacey-Funk Family at the pre-wedding pictures

s3303 (24k image)
JoAnn and Susie

q3306 (21k image)
Josh and Kelli leaving the church – They just got married!

q3311 (20k image)
Gram, Amy, Janet, Debbi, and Taylor at the reception

q3312 (27k image)
Cake from Josh’s newspaper

q3313 (21k image)
The big cake! It was delicious.
This was a partial selection of pictures at Josh and Kelli’s wedding weekend.