WI4 RD3 – Ethereal Start

Etherial Start

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This morning we had fog at the start – which gave an ethereal view to everything around us. The fog burned off quickly and wasn’t an issue for riding (at least when we started). It did get very hot later but earlier in the morning it was quite nice in spite of the high humidity We had several good hills along the way – where dick was proud of his ability to ride 3.0 mph and not fall over.
After climbing Father Mernard’s Hill we were going down the other side when all of the sudden Rick who was in front of me stopped quickly and waved everyone behind him to stop also. Unfortunately a tandem bike didn’t understand the signal and blew on through. In front of Rick a 2nd year cub was crossing the road and we wanted a picture. The tandem scared the cub and it ran into the woods along side the road. No chance for a picture. Rick did get a picture of a turtle laying eggs along side the road. We have also seen deer and fox also. We made it to Wausau reasonably quickly – but we were hot and decided to have lunch at a restaurant instead of our normal picnic lunch. It took a long time to find a suitable spot but we finally did it and arrived at the hotel about 3:00pm. Those of us who hadn’t done laundry yesterday needed to do it today and did so.
Tonight we ate in a Chinese restaurant that we had eaten in before – but Ruth ordered for us and we had a feast.
Tomorrow we ride to Wisconsin Rapids with a total of 88 miles. It is supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow (Wednesday).
I am going to post a few pictures taken by others soon of things that I missed taking.
No falls, No flats (knock on wood)

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