Mickelson Trail Day 3 – Custer to Edgemont

Another beautiful day for bike riding. It really makes one appreciate it after a day of rain. We met at 8:30am to get ready for the ride and left about 8:50 heading south towards Edgemont. The total distance today is 48 miles.

getting ready for the pic


the pic


It was uphill for a mile or so leaving Custer and then we finally got to go downhill again. Until today – I didn’t think there were any level sections of trail (and there weren’t for the first 2 days) but today we got some long stretches that were level or nearly level.


We went trough Pringle and saw a bicycle graveyard (or junk yard) not sure what the story is there.

While the terrain became more an more level there were still sections where water had created deep gorges with trees that we went over/around/through. We had lunch at the Minnekahta Trailhead 16 miles from Edgemont. A number of us decided we had had enough bike riding for the day/week. But 5 intrepid riders continued on to Edgemont to finish the trail


Terry wanted to take some pictures for Christmas cards:




Waiting for the shuttle to arrive!


Thanks to our SAG hosts/ picnic organizers/ and overall coordinators – Patti and Clark!


We had happy hour out on the veranda behind our hotel. Then we walked to dinner at the Frontier Grill a few blocks west. We had an unexpectedly good music entertainment while we were eating.
This is a picture of us with the artist.


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