Marble Church Construction

The Marble Community Church is getting a new foundation. When the church was built, there was only a foundation under the front half of the church. Over time this has caused problems because of shifting of the ground under the church where there is no foundation. So the church is being raised and a new foundation will be built under the whole church. In the meantime the congregation is meeting in a new Fellowship Hall that was built behind the church. The following are some pictures that document the current status of the construction.

xmc1 (20k image)

Another front view

ymc3 (14k image)
View of the connection from the Fellowship Hall to the church

xmc4 (18k image)
Construction activity near the Fellowship Hall (Behind the church)

xmc5 (18k image)

Construction Activity looking towards the back of the church

xmc6 (5k image)

Inside the sanctuary Shirley and Katie inspecting!

xmc7 (5k image)
{{popup xmc7.jpg xmc7 350×263}}xmc7

Another inside view

xmc8 (12k image)

Armchair supervisors!

xmc9 (8k image)
Inside new Fellowship Hall where worship is conducted until construction is complete

xmc10 (6k image)
Another inside view

xmc11 (5k image)
From inside the Fellowship Hall looking south towards the back of the church

xmc13 (9k image)
{{popup xmc13.jpg xmc13 350×225}}xmc13

Inside Fellowship Hall – view of fireplace

xmc12 (6k image)

View from the left front of the Fellowship Hall – looking at the mountain that contains the Marble Mine