SAI Day 7 Ride Day 4 Kranjska Gora to Lake Bled

Another beautiful day for riding bikes. We left our hotel and headed in a different direction and a different bike trail towards Lake Bled. We stopped for a visit in Mojstrana at the Slovenian Alpine Museum. Because of all the local mountains they have quite a tradition of mountaineering and rock/mountain climbing. Just afterwards there was a fairly steep hill 2k long that some of us rode up and others rode in the van. On the other side of the hill we had a traditional mountain lunch at a farm along the road. From there we rode on into Lake Bled. We rode around the lake – although in some places it was so crowded with tourists that we should have been walking. We had several falls today – all at low speed but not fun. One was due to people congestion and the other was my stopping too quickly.

We had several sight seeing/tourist options around Lake Bled. The first was a visit to a Castle that is prominent on the side of the lake. The second was a famous cream cake on a hotel terrace overlooking the lake, and the third was a boat ride to an island in the lake that has a church on it and has beautiful views of the lake. Afterwards we shuttled back to Kranjska Gora and we had dinner on our own.

We have 13 people from the Boulder Colorado area in our normal group of long time riders. In addition we have 3 couples where the women are all sisters and they are all celebrating their 35th wedding anniversaries together. They are from Oregon and Minnesota. The other couple is from the Boston area. We all have been helping each other on our rides and it is amazing how quickly we get to know each other. Our guides have been most helpful and accommodating in helping us with all our “issues.” Through it all they remain positive and cheerful.

Tomorrow we transfer to Austria and end up in Velden. There are 3 options for distance and modes of travel.
More tomorrow.

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