SAI Day 9 Ride Day 6 Worthersee Lake

The weather forecast once again changed from bad to good. We feel blessed. The breakfast buffet at the Hotel was HUGE! There was one table with just jams and jellies. I am running out of superlatives to describe things. The breakfast buffet was spread out over about 18 tables with each table having a theme – like bread, cereal, coffee, juice, more bread, American style breakfast, english style, European style … Too bad I wasn’t that hungry!

Our ride today was around Worthersee Lake that the hotel is adjacent to. There were 3 options on distance. The shortest (18 miles) was to ride to Maria Worth and then take a ferry to the hotel. The second (24 miles) was to ride around the lake completely. and the third option (33 miles) was to ride away from the lake for a while and then back. Some people chose the ferry and others chose the whole loop. As far as I know no one took the longest route. We had a short rainstorm near the hotel just before one group got there – and others rode through some of the puddles afterward – but for the most part we missed the direct rain. We were on our own for the rest of the day – most did lunch in Velden – and some took advantage of the spa at the hotel, others read in the library or their room, and others went shopping. We gathered at 5:30 pm in Rick and Janelle’s room for wine before our last dinner together which was at the hotel. The hotel did a superb job with innovative food that wasn’t too heavy. We thanked our guides Damjan and Jelena for all their work in making our ride fun and enjoyable and helping us
through all of our travails.

Tomorrow we start the process of going back to reality. Most of us are going to Salzburg tomorrow and overnighting then on to the US. Some are spending a few days in the area, some to London, and the sisters group has rented a car and will be traveling a bit before they return home.

Thanks for following along on our adventure. Pictures still to come!

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