SAI Day 8 Ride Day 5 Kranjska Gora to Velden

Today we rode in 3 different countries in less than an hours time. We started in Kranjska Gora Slovenia, headed back towards Tarvisio Italy, but before we got there we switched to another bike path and went to Austria. We had an “Austrian alpine lunch” at a farmhouse/pub called the Almwirschaft Hut. From there we had to choose a “short” or “long” route that both ended up in Velden. We went for a ways along the Gail River and then either stopped in Villach for a train ride to Velden or continued biking to our destination hotel – the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden. Part of the hotel is an original castle and they have added some newer buildings to make the complex bigger. It is at the higher end of most hotels we have stayed in. Some of the group took the train and others biked. The bikers won by getting to the hotel first.

The sisters group rides faster than the rest of us and they got to the hotel before anyone else – so I guess they were the real winners. They were celebrating another birthday today and so we sang to her at the start of the ride.

We enjoyed drinks on the hotel patio and then went to the recommended steak restaurant nearby for dinner. The salad bar at the steakhouse was unbelievable! They had hundreds of options to chose from for your salad. I have never seen anything like it. And the steaks and lamb were good too!

We have had truly wonderful weather for all our riding days so far. But tomorrow our luck may have run out. We shall see. Tomorrow may be a spa day for some of us.

If we ride it will be around the Worthersee Lake that we can see from our hotel. One of the options is to ride part way around the lake and then take a ferry to shorten the distance.

Til tomorrow!

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