Iceland Day 1 2018

After narrowing down the destinations from 4 (Paris, Spain, Belize) to Iceland – we embarked on our first visit here with hopes to stay warm, see the northern lights, and get to know Iceland better. We took a direct flight from Denver to Reykjavik and left at 3:35pm Denver time and arrived at 5:55am Reykjavik time. Because of the 7 time zone difference between Denver and Reykjavik – we landed at 10:55pm Denver time on the same day – but it was the next day in Iceland.


After clearing customs we found our driver who drove us to the hotel Kron in Reykjavik where we checked in, unpacked, got a quick breakfast at the hotel and then walked to the “H” church for the start of our walking tour.


We joined a very international group of people for our 3 hour walking tour around Reykjavik. We learned about the history, (the tour guide was a history major at the U of R), the architecture, weather, geology, and how to stay warm. For anyone who visits we recommend it!

Typical street


Some architecture




This was a lake near some of the government buildings:


The Iceland Coat of Arms with a Dragon, Eagle, Giant, and Bull protecting the Island


And my favorite – the statue representing all politicians:
The BlockHead


After the tour we went to a nearby restaurant and had some delicious local food – seafood and lamb predominate;

Afterwards on our way back to our hotel we stopped by a cinnamon roll place that we spotted/smelled on our way to the start of the walk and made sure they were “ok”.

Tomorrow we head north to Borgarnes and will have a relaxing bath at the Krauma and see a hot spring and some waterfalls.

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