Tobey and Ashley! 1/31/2004

Picture info for 1/31/2004 Tobey and Ashley
We baby sat for Tobey while Alan and Carrie had a workout at the Rec Center.
Before we left, we got to see Ashley looking beautiful in her Winter Dance dress.

v3041 (20k image)
Tobey playing with flash cards!

v3043 (16k image)
The whole family are Nuggets Fans!

v3054 (21k image)
Tobey playing on a bug!

v3064 (18k image)
Playing with Carrie! (Note the Nuggets clothing!)

v3067 (18k image)
Ashley in her beautiful Winter Dance dress!

v3069 (19k image)
With shoes and toenail polish to match!

Marcia visit and Tobey’s 2nd overnight in Boulder

The first set of pictures are from January 1st and 3rd. Marcia (a cousin of Janet’s and John’s)
visited us from South Carolina. The pictures are all from near or at Winter Park.

x2941 (16k image)
Janet and Marcia at Hank and Kathy’s house

x2942 (12k image)
Janet Marcia and John

x2943 (12k image)
John and Gail

x2944 (20k image)
Val, Jim, Gail, John, Kathy, and Hank

x2953 (15k image)
Kathy, Gail, and John at lunch at Winter Park

x2954 (17k image)
Kathy, Gail, John, and Marcia at lunch at Winter Park

x2955 (9k image)
Marcia on the slopes

x2956 (28k image)
Ken, Marcia, and John

x2957 (20k image)
Marcia and John

x2958 (17k image)
Hank, Marcia, and John

The next 2 pictures are at Alan and Carrie’s house
x2951 (14k image)
Alan, Twiz, Carrie, Tobey, and Ashley

x2952 (10k image)
Alan, Twiz, Carrie, Tobey, and Ashley

The next set of pictures are from Tobey’s second overnight in Boulder on Saturday January 10th 2004.
x2959 (10k image)
Tobey with kneepads

x2962 (19k image)
Tobey riding Ne Ne and watching a baby Einstein video with Gramps help

x2964 (17k image)
Tobey crawling on Gramps back for a better view

x2966 (11k image)
Grammy reading to Tobey before bedtime

x2967 (14k image)
Checking out Twiz’s toy “Squiddy”

x2968 (17k image)
I am very happy!

x2969 (12k image)
Why are you bugging me (The scrunched up nose is a trademark)

x2970 (12k image)
Snack Time! Twiz is on cleanup duty.

x2971 (14k image)
That was a good snack!

x2972 (15k image)
Dad – stop tickleing me!

x2973 (15k image)
Number one son/grandson!

x2974 (22k image)
Out for a walk in the park!

x2975 (17k image)
Giving Twiz a workout chasing tennis balls. (and Alan’s arm)

x2976 (18k image)
Twiz, Alan, Tobey, and Carrie

x2977 (17k image)
Alan, Tobey, and Carrie

x2978 (26k image)
Gramps and Grammy with Tobey