Steamboat 2010 – Day 8

Steamboat 2010 – Day 8
This was our last day of riding. Early this am – John drove Mick
and Tom to the airport for their several day trip back to Nebraska. John also picked up Robin who had taken his car back to be repaired.
John and Robin had first breakfast at the Shack on the way back.

After lots of discussion we decided
to ride into Steamboat for breakfast at Winona’s and then ride to
the Red Schoolhouse south of town. Winona’s was too busy so we
switched to the Shack – but otherwise we stuck to our plan. We
talked with several people along the way and found some great
ideas for other rides in the future. Rick and Jannelle (since Rick
couldn’t ride) went exploring in their truck and found some more
great ideas for the future. After reaching our goal – we rode
back into town and had a light lunch at the Boat House. We were
met there by most people who didn’t/couldn’t ride. Afterwards,
Robin picked up his Suburban (which was being
repaired) Nick turned in his rental bike, and the rest of us who
had ridden earlier rode back to the house. Many of us caught up on
the status of the Tour de France and or talked until dinner time.
Dinner was at a very nice restaurant called the Cottonwood Grill.
Our food and service was excellent and was a fun way to end our
week. Nick made up appropriate horse names for each of us that he
will email me and I will journal.
Tomorrow we will bid Steamboat goodbye and head back to Boulder.
Hope you have enjoyed our journey as much as we have.
After Dinner

Steamboat 2010 – Day 7

Steamboat 2010 – Day 7
Today was another day of mixed activities. John and Rick
switched to Mountain Biking on the ski mountain. They rode
the gondola up and took singletrack rides down. Rick fell
on some soft gravel not going very fast but hurt his leg and
will not be riding tomorrow. They were having a great time
until then.

Some of the rest of us did our favorite 20 Mile ride and then
lunch at the Creekside restaurant. Later Nick, Mick, and Tom
(a friend of Mick’s) played 18 holes of golf. Some others went
shopping and had a good time helping the economy.
Everyone met for dinner at Sweetwater Grill (a new restaurant
in Steamboat) and a good time was had by all.
Mick leaves tomorrow to go back to Nebraska for a while.
Robin needs to drop off his car for repair and so we are
meeting for breakfast and then riding to the Red Schoolhouse.
(all future events are subject to change.)

20 Mile Road Day 7

Steamboat 2010 – Day 6

Steamboat 2010 – Clark to Steamboat Lake and back.
Today Jake and Nick went fishing again (and caught and
released some beautiful fish (will post pictures soon)
Robin and I took them to breakfast at the Shack (also
known as the Maple West (from the Blair, NE Maple)
Most of the rest of us packed up our bikes and drove
to Clark (because of a very narrow shoulder on the road
from Steamboat to Clark) The first 3.5 miles of the route
was a steady climb and seemed to take forever. The rest
of the ride was very nice and beautiful. Steamboat Lake
at the end of where we rode. We then reversed our
route and had lunch in Clark. Six of us went to the Strawberry
Park Hot Springs in the PM. Some of us had massages and
others just enjoyed the different temperature pools.
Others just hung out for the afternoon.

For dinner tonight we oredered Pizza and made a garden
salad. We started out eating outside but a quick evening
thunderstorm (with Lightning) forced us to scramble inside the
house to get out of the rain. The sunset afterwords was absolutely

Tomorrow some of us are going to do 20 mile again and others are
riding the gondola up to the top of Steamboat ski area and riding
mountain bikes back down.
Clark to Hahns Peak start- Day 6

Steamboat 2010 – Day 5

Steamboat 2010 – Day 5
Yesterday we had a wonderful dinner at the Ore House
in Steamboat. Great food on an early bird menu. We monitored
the Tour de France in the afternoon and had empathy for Lance.

Today Nick, Mick, and Robin went fly fishing on the Yampa with
a guide. Some people went shopping and checked out the logistics
for tubing in the afternoon, and some of us who had not yet been
to the mythical red schoolhouse rode there (and Ingrid for a 2nd
time). After a great lunch at the Boat House restaurant 6 of us
rented inner-tubes and floated down the Yampa river for about
45 minutes. It was fun in spite of a few sprinkles and thunder
but no visible lightning. For dinner we went to a nice Italian restaurant
called Giovanni’s Ristorante.
Tomorrow we are driving to Clark with our bikes and starting our ride
from there. Mick and Nick are fishing again in the am, and several
of us are going to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs.
Stay tuned!
Proof it exists

Steamboat 2010 – Day 4

We did the 20 mile ride again this morning and then had
brunch at the Creekside Cafe in Steamboat afterwards.
(see pictures on flickr) after brunch Ingrid and Rick went
to the mythical Red Schoolhouse (another 25 miles) but the
rest either went to the house or to the bike shop to get some
adjustments on their bikes. The weather has been great with
scattered clouds to help mitigate the heat and only short
sprinkles so far. It has been a little chilly in the shade when
we start in the morning – but fine in the sun.
Creekside lunch

Steamboat 2010 Day 3

After watching the balloons launch again this morning we breakfasted and headed for the wooden bridge over the Yampa and turned south on Highway 14. We originally were planning to go to the Red Schoolhouse and back which would have been a 25 mile ride. But once we got out on the road we decided to go by Stagecoach Reservoir and then on to Oak Creek for lunch. We were joined there by Janet, Patti, Gail and by the new arrivals Nick and Martha who were delayed by a family wedding and will join us on our bike rides. Mick and Janelle rode back with the car and missed the last 20 miles. So it was a total of 44 miles of riding today with some good climbs and no gravel roads. The ride back up to the house seems to get harder with each day – not sure why. Tomorrow we have a two segment ride planned but since we seem to change the plans while in progress – I will say more tomorrow.
For dinner tonight we ordered takeout BBQ ribs and chicken with all the fixins – delish.
Beautiful sunset tonight and we were entertained at dinner by a young raccoon raiding the bird feeder.

Highway 14 Day 3

Steamboat 2010 Day 2

Steamboat 2010 – Day 2 –
Today we watched the balloons lift off in the valley below wherewe are staying. It was very colorful and interesting to watch.After breakfast we road towards downtown – stopped at a bikeshop to get a loaner for Jake since his shifter was broken and headedout of town on 20 mile road. It was a beautiful rolling road withmajestic views of the valley. After while we had a really good climband at the top we were undecided what to do. After talking with lots of people we decided to continue and head towards Milner on a “short”stretch of gravel road and then back to Steamboat. The “short” gravelroad turned into 7 miles (pretty but hard riding with our road bikes) andthen the distance from Milner back to Steamboat was longer than wewere told also. Stopped at the Big House Burger place for lunch about 2:00pm and then stopped at another bike shop, and then back to the house.We ate in this evening with delicious steak, salad, and asparagus.Pictures are at in the group called Steamboat 2010
Hope all is well.
20 Mile road

Steamboat 2010 Day 1

On Friday July 9, 2010 we packed up and headed to Steamboat. When we got to the west Rabbit Ears pass – several of us unloaded our bikes, joined our host Mick and road down into Steamboat and on to the house where we are staying for the week. We unpacked – and went to dinner at the Rio (a Mexican restaurant) in downtown Steamboat. We are hear on the same weekend as a two day balloon festival. Tomorrow we will get up early to see the balloons launch – then head out for our first real bike ride of the week – Unlike previous rides we are staying in Steamboat all week and doing out and backs or loops from Steamboat.
Hope this finds you all well!
Rabbit Ears to Ste amboat Day 1