Tobey’s first overnight in Boulder with Grammy and Gramps

On Friday November 14th and Saturday morning, Tobey stayed with Grammy and Gramps while Mom and Dad had dinner and went to a Nugget’s game. These are a few pictures to capture the event.

p2707 (16k image)
I like to play!

p2708 (15k image)
Do you have any veggies?

p2714 (33k image)
Nice swing!

p2718 (21k image)
Watch me catch it!

p2721 (23k image)
Park time was fun!

p2722 (36k image)
Back home with all my toys and Dad’s new Nuggets hat!

p2728 (25k image)
I need to work on Dad’s face a little

p2735 (24k image)
So happy to be home again Grammy!

p2730 (19k image)
Saying goodby to Gramps and Grammy

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