Tobey Overnight 2/7/2004

Pictures from Tobey Overnight in Boulder 2/7/2004

Tobey and Twizler stayed overnight with us again on Saturday February 7th. Alan and Carrie went to Estes Park to recharge! Tobey slept through the night and was a happy baby. His new trick (which I didn’t get a picture of) was walking behind a baby walker.

b3071 (24k image)

Watching TV while riding NeNe with Grammy

b3077 (21k image)

Reading a book with Gramps

b3082 (21k image)

Making sure the sound is just right on the stereo

b3085 (22k image)

My favorite TV watching position!

b3101 (17k image)

I love to bounce up and down and make noises

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