Steamboat 2010 Day 2

Steamboat 2010 – Day 2 –
Today we watched the balloons lift off in the valley below wherewe are staying. It was very colorful and interesting to watch.After breakfast we road towards downtown – stopped at a bikeshop to get a loaner for Jake since his shifter was broken and headedout of town on 20 mile road. It was a beautiful rolling road withmajestic views of the valley. After while we had a really good climband at the top we were undecided what to do. After talking with lots of people we decided to continue and head towards Milner on a “short”stretch of gravel road and then back to Steamboat. The “short” gravelroad turned into 7 miles (pretty but hard riding with our road bikes) andthen the distance from Milner back to Steamboat was longer than wewere told also. Stopped at the Big House Burger place for lunch about 2:00pm and then stopped at another bike shop, and then back to the house.We ate in this evening with delicious steak, salad, and asparagus.Pictures are at in the group called Steamboat 2010
Hope all is well.
20 Mile road

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