Bike Colorado 2011 – Day 4 Carbondale to Aspen

Bike Colorado 2011 - Day 4 Carbondale to Aspen

We have been lucky for the most part in avoiding rain. We hoped to do it once again this trip and were mostly successful. We had breakfast at the motel and then headed out to Carbondale for the start of our ride to Aspen. The bike trail from Carbondale towards Aspen is mostly on an old railroad bed. Dick decided not to ride today – but he joined us for lunch in Woody Creek. We had a great ride in very scenic areas for about 22 miles and then had lunch in Woody creek. Just as we were finiishing our lunch it started raining. After some discussion we decided to stop sriding and head back to Glenwood Springs. Dick kindly offered to take John and Rick back to the cars so they could come pick us up. However the weather was nice when they got a couple miles away from Woody Creek. S they brought back one vehicle that we could use as a sag and we proceded to ride all the way back to Carbondale in the sunlight. It sprinkled on us once – but it was of no consequence.
After showers we went to Dinner at the RIvera in Glenwood and celebrated John and Ingrid’s 44th weddinng anniversary. The food was great too!

The original plan was to drive to Grand junction tomorrow and ride in the Monument. But the thought of spending that much time in the car was not appealing. So – subject too change- we are riding to Carbondale and then to the BRB rainch on Hwy 133 and then back. For those that want to ride some more they can ride the canyon. Stay tuned to see what we actually do.

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