2012 Bike Ride – Day 2

This day went pretty much to plan-which is unusual!. After hearing about the special weekend Bike Express Bus, and exploring the RFTA (Roaring Fork Transit Authority) schedules, we figured out that our bus left at 9:55am from a bus stop about a block from our motel. We also learned that we would have to pay $2.00 for our bikes and $7.00 for each person. We also found out that there were 10 places for bikes inside the bus and 4 outside.

(Note – Robin took the picture and John is hiding behind Janet – but you can see his leg)
So all 8 of us were waiting when the bus pulled up at 10:03.

The driver helped us use the special bike holders inside the bus – and we were off to Aspen. We picked up 4 more bikes and riders at the next stop inside Glenwood Springs. So we were full inside the bus and had room for 2 more bikes outside. The other surprise for those of us over 65 is that we only had to pay for our bikes. We were free! We made several more stops on the way – enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we moved “upvalley” but eventually we got to Aspen. We easily found the nearest access to the Rio Grand Trail and started our way towards Woody Creek. The trail was busy with bikers, hikers, and walkers but absolutely beautiful. The pavement ran out after a little way – and changed to hard packed gravel – not the best for road bikes but ok. I saw parts of Aspen that I had never seen before. The landscape changed from lush vegetation to more of a prairie grass as we climbed away from being right next to the river. There were several waterfalls along the way. We got to Woody Creek just after noon, and got lucky and were seated at a table for 8 without much waiting. After lunch Patti and Janet rode back up to Highway 82 and found the bus stop to take the bus back to Glenwood. The rest of us followed the Rio Grand trail back to Glenwood Springs. Most of the trail is on the old railroad bed. The scenery is varied and beautiful. My odometer (which reads a little low) showed 45.23 miles when we were done.
Janet’s mom Shirley joined us for snacks before dinner and then we all walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Our first choice said there would be a 1.5 hour wait – so we went to an Asia Fusion place nearby and had some great food.
Plans for tomorrow will be decided at breakfast!
It will also be Janelle’s birthday.

More pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kws1111/ in the 2012 Bike Ride Set.

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