SWCO Loop Day 1 Durango to Dolores

Today dawned bright and early. After a quick breakfast at our Motel in Durango – we headed out only a short while after we had planned. We knew the first 9 miles on Hwy 160 would be mostly uphill. It was a grind! At times there was a lot of traffic and a lot of trucks. After the first climb – there were several nice downhills and we knew there was going to be some road construction that we would have to sag around. So we rode to the start of the construction and did exactly that.
We had a delicious lunch in Mancos at the Absolute Bakery and Cafe. After a slight miscue getting out of town we headed on Hsy 184 for Dolores. We went up up and away – no downhills to my dismay. We met Carole and “Carole” (aka Linda) at our Happy Hour and then had a great dinner at the Naked Moose and are now resting up for the big day tomorrow. 65 miles from Dolores to Telluride with lunch in RIco and going over Lizard Head Pass.

I have a lot of other pictures I wanted to post from today – but am having trouble with my internet connection. If I get it fixed – I will mention going back and looking at today’s updated post on a future day.

Day 1 Group Photo
Day 1 Group Photo

Our intrepid “Bikeoppers” Biker/Shoppers did some social biking around Durango, had a nice lunch, and joined us in Dolores where they planned out the Happy Hour. They also picked out a boutique in Dolores for some shopping tomorrow.


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