SWCO Loop – Day 6 Silverton to Durango 49 miles

imageJames RanchThe last time we did this ride – we rode the train with our bikes from Durango to Silverton, had lunch in Silverton and then started back to Durango with no sag support (everyone had ridden the train or was doing the Zip line partway up the train ride). We hadn’t carefully looked at the elevation view and assumed that it was mostly downhill back to Durango. Big mistake. There are two major climbs out of Silverton to Durango. The first one is 2200 feet up and the second is 800 feet up. It was a long ride back.

So this time some of us chose to sag to the top of the first pass and others to the top of the second pass. The BikeOppers went to Durango to shop, and 3 of the riders Rick S, Susan, and Janelle, rode the train back to Durango. We remembered the road down as being very nice the last time we rode it – but it is the same road and has aged. There were a number of rough spots on descent that caused adrenaline rush as we went down the road. Traffic was heavy going the other direction during the early part of the ride and gradually increased as we got closer to Durango. We found a wonderful place to eat lunch recommended by a local biker called James Ranch. He said it would be the best hamburger we had ever tasted – and it was. They had picnic tables scattered across a natural shaded amphitheater that was a wonderful place to enjoy our lunch. We then road to near the center of Durango and when traffic got to heavy – loaded up and drove to the Strator Hotel. We checked in showered and went to the train station at 5:15 to welcome the train riders to Durango. We had our happy hour in the office bar at the Strator and then went to dinner with Linda and Fred at Mutu’s. It was a great way to end our week together. Tomorrow we have breakfast and then go on our way. Some are staying an extra day to see friends and others are heading back home
It was a great week. More pictures to come soon!

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