Pre Fall Foliage Ride

We flew into Boston and took a leisurely drive the next day to Burlington VT. The trees are just starting to change color. Some hills are still totally green and others are in various degrees of color change. We stopped on the way for a cup of coffee (and some hot cider) and discovered we were on the campus of Dartmouth College. Just another stop on our quest to visit all Ivy League schools!

We have enjoyed exploring the Church Street open air Mall in Burlington VT, similar to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. It is laid out much the same with lots of shops and restaurants in the vicinity. There are lots of college kids about like in Boulder. We have also explored the Lake Champlain waterfront which is only a block and a half from our hotel. There are lots of walking paths, boardwalks and bike paths to explore also. We are scouting out a place for the large group (of bikers) to eat on Saturday night (before the ride starts on Sunday) and are finding lots of conflicts with others wanting to eat at the same places at the same time. We have given up on a single large table for the group and will have to settle for 2 tables of 6 or 3 tables of 4. The quest goes on.

On Saturday morning Burlington has a huge Farmers Market on a square block with diagonal sidewalks crossing the square. The booths can spread out more and while there are lots of people it doesn’t seem as crowded as in Boulder. Lots of variety of things to buy and eat. Janet fell in love with a cinnamon swirl baby bundt cake (gluten free of course).

There is a bike path all around the city (like the 360 and 180 in Boulder) and all along the waterfront. We have explored south but not north yet.

We had brunch at Handy’s Lunch. They said they are going to be on the cooking channel soon for a combined reuben/patty melt that they serve and then on another TV show for the “Chuck Norris” 4th degree black belt french toast special sandwich that you have to see to believe.

Now I understand why we see so many college kids here. It isn’t just UVT (University of Vermont) but they also have Burlington College, Champlain College, University Green, Trinity College, Community College of Vermont, Saint Michael’s College as well as others.

There is an indoor shopping mall just east of our hotel. It is mostly empty and is slated for “redevelopment” except for the anchor stores which are LL Bean and Macy’s.

Everyone else arrives later today – will have dinner together tonight and the bike ride starts tomorrow.
Stay tuned.


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