Day 6 Fall Foliage trip 2017

Day 6 Fall Foliage trip 2017

Today we focused on Stowe. It started raining at breakfast (the first time this week during the day) so we
did some plan changes. It was our last day here (and the last riding day) so we had to get luggage ready before breakfast to load into the trailer. Breakfast was at the Flannel again and they did another scrumptious job with the food and service. We packed a separate bag for clothing changes and took it to the Spa area for later.

The non-bike highlight today was a glass-blowing demo at a local establishment. They showed us how they make colored glass christmas ornaments and answered lots of questions about glass blowing. Most of us rode there on our bikes but some sagged.






Most people sagged back to the bike path but a few rode their bikes. On the bike trail we headed into Stowe and locked up our bikes and walked into town. We stopped at a coffee shop and gathered to discuss next options. The van was at a nearby market where it was pouring rain – but no rain at the coffee shop.



After some discussion we shifted from the picnic lunch at a nearby park next to the river – to a picnic lunch at the tennis chalet on the Topnotch grounds. The food (and beer tasting) was varied and delicious.






Those of us who wanted to got showers at the Topnotch Spa and changed into street clothes.

We said our goodbyes and split up into various transportation modes to get back to the Burlington Airport or Hotels in Burlington. Some rented cars at the Airport and others are flying out of Burlington or Boston Saturday and some later in the week.

All in all it was an excellent bike trip and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to enjoy the Fall Foliage.
We had great weather, wonderful accommodations, too much good food, great guides, and wonderful camaraderie with the people in the group that we had not met before.

We had no flat tires (that I know of), 2 broken chains (technique) (and a new record for both guides).
The equipment we were provided was very good and adjusted to our needs. The ability of the guides to ferret out our unexpressed wishes and accommodate our needs in all aspects of the trip were amazing (and having some fun while doing it!)
We really enjoyed our interactions – and we do know how to have fun!

The Foliage color was nearing its peak as we got to the end of the week. It was at it’s maximum (for while we were there) on Friday – but it was cloudy most of the day so it was hard to get a picture that did it justice.

We rented a car at the Burlington Airport and drove to Boston. We stopped again in Hanover (Dartmouth) and had a nice dinner at Molly’s Bar and Grill surrounded by the Friday night college crowd. We stayed at the Logan Airport Marriott Courtyard that was ostensibly 6 minutes drive from the airport. We finally got to the rental car check in after driving to Boston twice. Luckily traffic wasn’t that bad (Saturday morning). Our multiple direction helpers all disagreed on where to go. So I am writing this on the plane heading back to Denver. I will publish it without pictures first and then republish with pictures later.

Thanks again Barb and Leigh!

Until next time!


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