RD2 – Getting ready to start Monday morning Lac Du Flambeau to Tomahawk

RD2 – Getting ready to start

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This picture was taken just before we started Day 2 of our ride. Today was a scheduled 77 mile ride. My odometer read 65.5 miles and I drove 10 miles in the SAG vehicle. It had rained sometime before we started and so most people were wearing jackets or rain gear. The weather was cool and overcast but the clouds changed to high scattered and got warmer but not hot. We had lunch in Rhinelander next to the county courthouse. It was hilly for a while after v lunch and changed back to rollers similar to the morning. At the start we went by lots of lakes surrounded by lots of trees. As the day went on the number of trees reduced and open fields increased.

Several people have asked about how we handle driving for the SAG vehicle. We drew straws before the start to determine the order but most people take a turn each day to drive 10 miles along the route and then they have the option to ride back towards the group (riding towards them) or to just wait with the vehicle – also sometimes the SAG driver does errands for the group -or scouts out some information (like how to get to the motel) But in the main the driver parks at a safe place around 10 miles down the route. The new driver puts their bike on the bike rack, and then repeats. We have access to get equipment or water from the SAG vehicle and we use the 10 mile stop as a meeting place to exchange information, let slower riders catch up with the group and
many other variations.
Tomorrow we have a shorter ride 50 miles from Tomahawk to Wausau.

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