WI4 – Ride Day 5 – Riders on a Log in Wisconsin Rapids

Today we tried our experiment of leaving at 6:30 (instead of 7:00) and eating on the road. We had identified a restaurant in Nekoosa to try but we switched to another one based on a locals recommendation. Unfortunately they were overwhelmed with the number of customers they had and it took us about an hour and a half to get breakfast. Then when we got back on the road the skies looked threatening and sure enough a few minutes later it started to rain. Most of us didn’t have our raingear with us so we flagged down our SAG car and got our raingear and started riding in the rain. It started raining at the 10 mile mark and didn’t stop until we got to 40 miles – 30 miles of riding in the rain. At least it wasn’t hot! Shortly before lunch time the weather cleared and were once again riding the the sun with scattered clouds. We stopped for lunch and debated on whether to make our lunch from our SAG wagon or purchase brats at the lunch stop. We chose to fix our food at a nearby park but the mosquitoes had other ideas and made us change our minds. The roads were pretty flat the rest of the way to Mauston so we made good time completing the 70 miles for the day. I didn’t get any pictures of us in the rain. At one point the rain got a little heavier and we decided to seek shelter – we were riding by a warehouse with 4 semi-trailers parked by it and so we parked our bikes under the trailers and sat under the trailers ourselves to stay out of the rain. Robin got a picture – but I don’t have it yet to upload it – but will eventually.
We ate dinner at the restaurant attached to our motel and enjoyed the food (especially the ribs).
Tomorrow we have a shorter day (55 miles) and plan to enjoy it. Hopefully it will be cooler and not rain!

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