WI4 – Ride day 6 water stop Mauston to Baraboo

water stop

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No rain today. We did our normal 7:00 am start. It was a niice temperature when we started and gradually got warmer but it wasn’t too hot when you created a breeze while riding until the last few miles. We made good time and by my odometer we did 54 miles today. We normally come through the Dells, but today the route tooks us through Reedsburg and then to Baraboo.We had a nice stop for ice cream at a store along the route. It was a nice cooling break. The route today was much more hilly than before and there were a few pretty steep ones that tested our abilities. When we got to the edge of Baraboo we figured out that our motel was on a Monroe street and when we got on it there was a very nice bike lane. About a mile towards our destination the bike lane disappeared, traffic density increased and there seemed to be no parallel streets that we could ride on – and then we came to an intersection with an Interstate that we had to cross. It was not fun. Shortly later we noticed the bike route crossed the highway we were on and so we turned off to go on the bike route. It added some more miles to our trip but the safer roads were worth it.
Tonight we had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant in Baraboo and enjoyed it very much. (note more pictures of eating!)
We have not had any flats while riding, but we have had 3 flats in Hotel rooms after the days ride. Not sure if that counts or not.
Tomorrow is our last ride day from Baraboo to Muscoda. For various logistical reasons we are going to cut the ride short and shuttle people back to Muscoda from an intermediate point that we think will take about 3 hours of riding to get to. Then we will shower in Muscoda and driver back to Omaha where we will stay overnight, leave Martha to catch her flight back to Annapolis and we will drive back to Boulder on Sunday. Not sure if I will be able to blog tomorrow or not.
Will try.

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