Steamboat 2010 – Day 7

Steamboat 2010 – Day 7
Today was another day of mixed activities. John and Rick
switched to Mountain Biking on the ski mountain. They rode
the gondola up and took singletrack rides down. Rick fell
on some soft gravel not going very fast but hurt his leg and
will not be riding tomorrow. They were having a great time
until then.

Some of the rest of us did our favorite 20 Mile ride and then
lunch at the Creekside restaurant. Later Nick, Mick, and Tom
(a friend of Mick’s) played 18 holes of golf. Some others went
shopping and had a good time helping the economy.
Everyone met for dinner at Sweetwater Grill (a new restaurant
in Steamboat) and a good time was had by all.
Mick leaves tomorrow to go back to Nebraska for a while.
Robin needs to drop off his car for repair and so we are
meeting for breakfast and then riding to the Red Schoolhouse.
(all future events are subject to change.)

20 Mile Road Day 7

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