2015 Cruise Day 3 – At Sea


Today we slept in and barely made breakfast at 10:00am. But it felt good. The wind was calmer so we were able to leave our veranda door open all night. The sound of the sea outside is calming. We walked some more on various decks and joined Hinks for a sit down lunch at 12:30. They had had a strenuous workout spinning and using machines and had skipped breakfast so they were very hungry. We attended an IOS refresher course taught in the iLounge on deck 9 that was well done. He focused on apps that aren’t as visible but still useful – like Spotlight search. We again joined Hink’s for the PM trivia as it finished. Tried to watch the sunset once more – but clouds intervened. Dressed again for dinner and checked out the various pictures taken by the crew photographers. Janet and Janelle called it a night – but Rick and I checked out the 9:00 theater show by a Billy Joel look alike that performed well – but the backup band was too loud. Tomorrow we anchor near St. Barths. Rick and Janelle are going on a Catamaran excursion and we are just going to walk around the town.

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