2015 Cruise Day 4 – St Barts

We anchored near St Barts as planned at 9:00am. Rick and Janelle left early to enjoy their excursion on a catamaran. We had a leisurely breakfast and then got ready to take a small boat from where we were anchored to the pier at St. Barts. We had to get a ticket to disembark and had to wait about an hour before we could board. So we didn’t get on shore until about noon. Our job was to explore the shops and restaurants and find a good place to eat when Rick and Janelle got back from their catamaran trip about 1:00pm. The mission was accomplished and we had a very nice French style lunch. The architecture and street layout was very european. There was a wide variance in cars – but most seemed to be purchased with the idea that parking space was very limited. Lots of vespas, overgrown golf carts, smart cars, and ATV’s. There was even an ATV rental place. Having a cruise ship visit this location is relatively new and we could tell that not everyone enjoyed our presence. The business owners welcomed us – but some businesses were closed for “siesta”? and some of the locals didn’t like the added people who visited their very pretty island. It was very hot in the sun – but ok in the shade. We headed back to the ship about 3:30 and enjoyed a great sunset (pictures eventually) and then another fine meal. The entertainment in the theater tonight was a comic which we passed on to get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be at St. Maarten which has a Dutch side (where we will dock) and a French side. We have signed up for a butterfly tour and so will ride a van to see that and then spend some time on the French side of the island. Tomorrow night we will celebrate my birthday (39 again) by going to one of the specialty restaurants on board called the Tuscan Grill.

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