2015 Cruise Day 6 – St. Croix

Today we docked at St. Croix – our first US West Indies island. We had a nice bike tour around the west part of the island – first south to Sandy Point and then north through Fredricksted and along the western shore. There were 26 of us in the group plus 2 guides – so it was a little unwieldy but it worked out fine. The main guide was very knowledgable about the history and facts about the island. He was born and raised on the island and so had many stories to tell. We found a Mom n Pop place for lunch that had excellent food and a nice variety. Rick said the fish and chips he had were the best ever! Afterwards we walked around the town. It was very laid back and still recovering from the closure of a gasoline refinery that had a significant impact on the local economy. There is another town on the island that is more “westernized” – or as one person put it – “Christiansted is where the Americans go to feel like they are still in America”

One of the interesting points about St. Croix was that they drive on the left side of the road AKA British style. Even though every vehicle we saw had the steering wheel on the left (for right side driving) – they drove british style. Evidently when cars were first imports to the island – the majority were English drivers and it stays that way today.

Janet found a jewelry vendor that she liked and went back off the ship a second time to make a purchase.
We had another nice dinner with Hink’s and went to a one woman show that was a combination of great singing and comedy.
Tomorrow we dock at San Juan, Puerto Rico. But we are only there from 8:00am until 2:00pm.

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