2015 Cruise Day 7 – San Juan

Today we are in San Juan Puerto Rico. We had cell phone coverage for the first time (as a Verizon customer. AT&T has had coverage several other places but not Verizon.) We have WiFi on the ship – but it is satellite based and comes and goes – so connectivity is random. Hink’s signed up for a hike in a Forrest Preserve that was an hour and 20 minute drive from where the ship was docked. So they had to leave very early. We had a leisurely breakfast and walked around a bit exploring and happened on the Hop On – Hop Off tram and used it to see the rest of the Old San Juan Island. We saw two of the old forts built to protect the island – and they were impressive. Janet found another jewelry vendor who was even better and cheaper that she liked really well.

We attended a class on board the ship that taught us more information about the Apple Camera App and how to manipulate albums. We felt we learned a lot (hopefully it will show up the the pictures we take eventually.

Tonight we had our second and last formal night. The food was good – the theater show was good and we are happy.

tomorrow we dock at Labadee, Haiti. This is the private island leased by Celebrity for an added stop on the way back
to Fort Lauderdale.

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