2015 Cruise Day 8 – Labadee, Haiti

Today we docked at Labadee, Haiti at 9:30am and enjoyed a day at the beach. Labeled is a private beach leased by Celebrity Cruises that gives them a port with a dock, and lots of things on shore for passengers to partake in, that is part way back towards Ft Lauderdale – so we only have about 36 hours of sailing to reach Ft Lauderdale by 7:00am Monday morning and the end of our cruise. Rick and Janelle got off early and signed up for a snorkel excursion which they enjoyed. They said the coral reef was in good shape where they went although the fish weren’t as plentiful as they would have liked. We chose a leisurely exit to the beach and rode a small boat to one of the beaches so we didn’t have to walk quite as far. We then walked back along a tram road that had lots of local vendors along it who all wanted to sell their wares. We found a beach that we liked with a nice breeze and a great view of the biplane and plopped ourselves down on some chaise lounges. We had a quick bite for lunch and somehow Rick and Janelle found us among all the possible places on the island and we caught up while they ate their lunch. In the afternoon Janet found an empty cabana and appropriated it for her and Janelle’s own use. I enjoyed catching up on some reading. About 3:00pm we headed back to the ship in time to see the 5:09 sunset and then 6:30pm dinner at the Ocean Liner Specialty Restaurant. It was an amazing presentation of culinary expertise and waiter attention to detail and dexterity. It was the best meal all of us have had in a very long time. We both had Chateaubriand for two and many other courses that are too numerous to mention. The deserts were also works of art. I will post some pictures once I get back to real internet. I found out that the guy who taught us the computer classes on board – got off in San Juan and went to Starbucks so he could do some “real” downloading.

Tomorrow we are at sea. And the day after tomorrow we dock in FLL.

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